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Antiquities of Kazakhstan

1500-year-old city of Turkestan became popular thanks to the sermons of the famous sufisheyha, an outstanding poet and humanist of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi called Hazrat Sultan. In ancient times the city was known as Jassi. Theological School, founded by Yassavi attracted eager knowledge from neighboring cities and remote steppes of Kazakhstan. The city became the […]

The mausoleum of Saint Kanarbay

There are many shrines in Uzbekistan, visited by thousands of pilgrims. Some of the shrines are world famous, such as the complex of Bakhaudin Nakshbandi in Bukhara or the memorial of Al-Bukhari near Samarkand. Others are only known locally, such as the complex of Saint Kanarbay in the Navoi Province. There is an unusual solitary […]


Balkhash – is a small green town on the northern shore of the lake of the same name in the Bay of Bertys that is situated 380 kilometers from the regional center of Karaganda city, Kazakhstan. In addition, to the territory of the city can also be attributed Konyrat, Gulshat and Sayak villages. The city’s […]

Kazakh visa

To travel in Kazakhstan you should have travel visa (Turkey citizens don’t need visa). Travel visa is to be issued by Kazakhstan embassy after receiving of invitation letter made with request of travel agency on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. For arranging visa support we need the following information: Name, surname, […]

History of Kazakhstan

Territory of Kazakhstan has come to be mastered by man nearly a million years ago. As early as the age of Lower Paleolith the ancient man settled down on these Karatau lands fit for normal life, rich with game and wild fruit. It is there that they have found ancient settlements of Stone Age. By […]

About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan – is a really huge country that is situated in the heart of the Eurasian continent, which occupies the 9th place in the world in terms of territory. Being located from the south of the Ural Mountains, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, for hundreds of centuries, this land is located on the […]