Ak-Saray Palace — Asia Travel

ak_saray_palace_remains_shakhrisabz_uzbekistan-300x199 (1)Ak-Saray is a «home residence» of Temurids, the example of the ceremonial government architecture. During 20 years, the best architects of Iran, Khorezm, Northern India, created this magnificent building. The palace, which was built in the style of that time, included several courtyards, around which there were living quarters and rooms for public use. The rooms were tastefully decorated with gold frosting, the facades of buildings were covered with colored tiles and the courtyards were paved with white slabs.
One of the wonders of the palace was a swimming pool, arranged on the roof, from which the picturesque water cascades flowed down. The technical solution of this project is supposed to be very surprising. The water for the swimming pool was fed by chute, lead from the mountain pass of Tahtakaracha.
Unfortunately, time did not spare this unique monument. Thus, the arch of the entrance portal, once the largest one in Central Asia, was destroyed about 200 years ago. But even today, the height of the pylons supporting it, is amazing, which even in the current dilapidated state ascended up to 38 meters above the ground. A mosaic, facing portal, assembled into a complex color palette of intricate ornamentation is of special artistic value.