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Baths Hamom (XVIc).
Baths Hamom is the most interesting monuments of civil engineering built during the reign of Abdullakhan. Preserved Hamom (working until present time) are located near Trade domes. There is Hammomi-Sarrafon near the dome Toki Sarrafon and — Hammomi Bozori-Kord not far from the Toki Telpakfurushon. Baths looks like a semi-subterranean structures and hardly emerge their own low dome on surface of the street.

The solution of the ancient architects of engineering tasks arouses an obvious interest. Entrance to the bath is down from the street to a spacious room where stripped and rested. Next to entrance comes a string of bath rooms connected by archways. And in each subsequent room temperature is higher than in previous room. Heating bath was carried out with the help of a smoke channels system laid under the floor and a thick layer of soil and low domed ceiling provided a good insulation.

Water for washing came from the nearby canal Shahrud, a boiler was for its heating. In the bath rooms were containers for hot and cold water, they scraped by a special tub. Washed clients were by bathhouse attendants (male) and in the women’s baths by stuff (female). As per wish of the customers, were offered a massage, hair cut and shaving.