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bolo-hauz-complexBolo-Hauz complex (XVIIIc)
The Bolo-Hauz complex is only one surviving monument in Registan Square, which includes a mosque, minaret and Hauz. Hauz Pool – is the oldest part of the ensemble, it is called the Bolo-Hauz (children’s pool) and is one of the few remaining in the ancient city. Before arrival of Soviet power there were a lot of these reservoirs, it was a source of water for inhabitants, but, unfortunately, it was a source for various diseases too. Finally, the reservoirs were drained in 1920-1930 years. Today, Bolo-Hauz is fully restored and in its clear waters the minaret and the mosque Bolo-Hauz are reflected. It was built by Emir Shakhmuradov (1785-1800). Local says that he built a mosque with a luxurious painted multicolumn aivan (canopy on wooden pillars) for public prayers he seek to be closer to his people.