Buddhist temple complex of Fayaztepa — Asia Travel

fayaz-tepeThe temple complex is situated not far from the walls of the ancient Tarmita and occupies the area of 117×34 meter stretching between the coast of Amu, and the ancient caravan route. The temple is a nineteen-standing facilities with deep niches in the walls, which are connected by wide beams. On the excavations of Fayaz Tepa, scientists have found many interesting findings such as the shapes of local deities and kings, Buddhists, monks and laymen going to bow to the Buddha. It was namely this place where the scholars were lucky enough to discover a statue of Buddha with monks of an amazing beauty, which now adorns the exposition of History museum of Uzbekistan.

A monument to the Buddha is well preserved in the main part of the temple, who is in the process of meditation; his face is pretty calm and aloof. Somewhat to the right over the temple it was constructured a small mortar with a cruciform foundation and a perfectly round dome, where inside of it, its smaller counterpart is situated.

At one time it was not only a temple, but also a working monastery, as the discovered here the monastic cells, places of residence for the pilgrims, utility rooms evidenced.

In 2006 year, after a long conservation and restoration works, this complex was re-opened for viewing and turned into an open-air museum.