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The city remains a tragic monument to deliberate devastation of the environment, which results in excessive human interference in natural processes. Muynak — a real city, a tragedy, dying along with losing their water and the value of the Aral Sea. Earlier Muynak was one of the two major fishing ports of the Aral Sea, […]


A small town in the Ferghana region of Uzbekistan, located about 20 kilometers from the regional center, the city of Ferghana. Just like a lot of other cities in the Ferghana Valley, it has a very advanced age. Even until nowadays the exact date of the foundation of the city failed to be definited. However, […]

Chashma — Ayub

Chashma — Ayub (XII c). Another attraction, located in the park Samanids — Chashma — Ayub (Job Source). The Mausoleum is a complex rectangular structure with the suite of four rooms, each built at different times. The most ancient room is crowned by a double dome with a conical skufey. Its construction is credited to […]

Ensemble Labi-Hauz

Ensemble Labi-Hauz (XVII c). Ensemble Labi-Hauz is one of the largest architectural ensembles of historical Bukhara. The oldest part of the complex is madrasah Kulbaba-Kukeldash, which has 160 cells and is the largest madrasah in Bukhara. The interiors are a conglomeration of moves, steps and cubbyhole close buildings. The domed ceiling, leading from the gate […]

Uzbek hospitality

Uzbek hospitality

We are always extremely delighted to welcome a traveler in Uzbekistan. In Uzbekistan not everything is used to be measured with money, and as a result, you unexpectedly find yourself in the atmosphere of those forgotten values that always were important and universal in all times! Tell me, what could be better than an absolute [...]

Have you been to Savitsky Museum?

State Museum of Arts named after I.V. Savitsky In May of 2009 year, the famous magazine New York Times Travel Magazine included the Museum of Fine Arts, from the little-known Uzbek city of Nukus, into a list of 29 places in the world, which will surely shake up your imagination. Do not rush to curl [...]

The Great Silk Road

The Great Silk Road Honor and praise to the ancient merchants who were pioneers. Someone left home for a far way because that could enrich him, and someone was called in a road just by curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Rumors about the legendary riches of distant lands scattering with unusual speed, pushed the boldest [...]