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Golden Brichmulla

Brichmulla (or Burchmulla) is an ancient settlement on the territory of Ugam-Chatkal National Park. It is located 120 kilometers from Tashkent city, in the southeast of deep Charvak reservoir in the western extremity of Koksu ridge. Population of this place is about 5 thousand people, 90% of whom are used to be ethnic Tajiks. Inhabitants […]


Khumsan is a large mountain village, which is located in the Tashkent region, Bostanlyk district, to 105 kilometers from the capital. Situated at the western extremity of the most beautiful place of Ugam ridge near the southern slope of Karzhantau, near the river of Ugam, it takes almost 15 hectares of Ugam-Chatkal Reserve square. Climatic […]

Uhum village

The village named Uhum which is near Hayat and Nurata Mining Nuciferous Reserve is at the down part of Uhumsay, along its coasts. Upside part of the village is different from those one could see before. Here are peculiar stone and clay houses of local farmers, curved streets with whimsical mulberry trees, the interesting wrinkles […]


Alpine village of chimgan located in a beautiful corner of Uzbekistan — Ugam-Chatkal National Park in the Bostanlyk district of Tashkent region. It is situated 90 kilometers from Tashkent city at a height of 1620 meters above a sea level, at the foothills of the Big chimgan. This ancient town with a population of only […]

Musical styles of Uzbek dastans

In Uzbekistan, epic poems and stories are represented by the dastan genre. Dastan means story, tale, honor, adventure and includes both poetry and prose, accompanied by music. The most popular dastans are ancient ones, based on centuries-old traditions, often personalized by their performers. They express national themes and aspirations – heroic struggles for the homeland […]

Buzkashi in Navruz

Uzbekistan is famous for its numerous exultancies, holidays, and other ceremonies. The most exciting and palpitating is certainly kupkari. The name can betranslated as “business of many”. While Spain stands for corrida, Great Britain — for polo, then Central Asia, and especially Uzbekistan is for the engrossing kupkari. Kupkari is counted to be a traditional […]

Tea in Uzbekistan

Tea brewer is a man of appreciation in his community. Here is his common portrait: middle aged, robust, a bit stout, but not fat; has a round good-humoured face, not always lively, but invariably amiable. He knows everybody, and everybody knows him. He speaks little, does not intrude on a conversation with uncalled-for remarks. If […]

Uzbek Traditional Clothing

National features of every country can be observed through its customs, traditions, cuisine as well as traditional clothing. For a long time originality of Uzbek clothes has been set according to climate, conditions of life, customs and traditions. Traditional Uzbek male clothes consisted of warm quilted robe — chapan, tied up with a shawl or […]

Wedding and other ceremonies in Tashkent

Tashkent Uzbeks celebrate several ceremonies or gatherings with the term of “Tuy”, meaning “wedding”. Hence there are several traditions connected with the birth of a baby in the family of Tashkent people: — putting the baby into the cradle “Aqiqa”; — “Beshik Tuyi”; if the baby is a boy a special ceremony dedicated to his […]