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Ak-Saray Palace

Ak-Saray is a «home residence» of Temurids, the example of the ceremonial government architecture. During 20 years, the best architects of Iran, Khorezm, Northern India, created this magnificent building. The palace, which was built in the style of that time, included several courtyards, around which there were living quarters and rooms for public use. The […]

Dorus-Saodat («Place of Power», XIV century).

That is a memorial Ensemble, which includes three parts: the Vault of Jahangir, a mosque and a tomb of Hazrat Imam Temur. The favorite son of the ruler died in 1376 year and cast his father in an utter despair, so much that «the heart of the emperor was closed for compassion during 30 years.» […]

Dorus-Tilyavat («Blue Mosque», XIV century)

That is a memorial Ensemble, of which there are only three buildings left at the former burial place of the local nobility. These are the mausoleums of Shamsiddin Kulol and Gumbazi Seyidon, as well as a mosque named Kok Gumbaz. The oldest building here is considered to be a mausoleum of Shamsiddin Kulol. Sheikh, who […]