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Kukcha daha

It is known in historic sources as the daha of Shaykh Zayniddin. According to researchers it originated from the word Kokhcha “a small fortress” in Persian. This name was given to the Kukcha Oqtepa (white hills) monument during the VI-XI centuries. Life in this Oqtepa continued until X-XI centuries. In the 80-s of the last […]

The Mausoleum of Kaffol Shoshi

The mausoleum was built in honor of imam Abubakr ibn Ali ibn Ismail Al Kaffol al Shoshiy. The first burial vault was not kept safe. Actual mausoleum was built in 1542 by Gulyam Husain, who was Khan’s architect at that time. It is an asymmetric domed portal mausoleum — khanaka. Khanakas were erected to give […]