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Dzharkurgan minaret

In the village of Minor which belongs to Dzharkurgan district, 60 kilometers from Termez city, a magnificent building — a minaret is located, which was owned by a large mosque (now destroyed). The architect Ali, the son of Muhammad from Serakhs built this Minaret in 503 year (1110 year.), as the inscription on one of […]

Buddhist temple complex of Fayaztepa

The temple complex is situated not far from the walls of the ancient Tarmita and occupies the area of 117×34 meter stretching between the coast of Amu, and the ancient caravan route. The temple is a nineteen-standing facilities with deep niches in the walls, which are connected by wide beams. On the excavations of Fayaz […]

Hanaka of Kirk-Kiz (from VI to XI century)

«Kirk-Kiz» – literally means — «forty girls». According to Turkic mythology, the Allah, upon their request, turned them into stone, saving from the «infidels.» «In fact, things are not so harmless. In ancient times, to protect the city from the nomads, women had to fight together with the soldiers – men. They were united in […]

The architectural ensemble of Hakim — am — Termezi (XII-XV centuries.)

That is a monument, created by hand of an unknown artist, stonemason in the IX century. This is the tomb of Sheikh Abu Abdallah Mohammed Ali, Bini-Bini-Hussein al-Hakimi Termez, who was famous throughout the whole Muslim world, scientist and writer. People called him «the Termez-ota» — «Father of Termez” and revered as the saint patron […]

The memorial complex of Sultan Saodat (XIII-XVIII centuries.)

Complex of Sultan Saodat Mausoleums (translated as the «King of Happiness”) is supposed to be a family tomb of Seyids dynasty. Having the domes of the amazing beauty and light, as if soaring mosques behind high walls, this ensemble, built over centuries, is an amazing museum of medieval architecture. Mausoleums are gradually built on each […]