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Holidays and Festivals of Uzbekistan

January 1 — New Year January 14 — Day of defenders of the Native land March 8 — International Women’s Day March 21 — Navruz May 9 — Day of memory and honor September 1 — Independence Day October 1 — Day of teachers and instructors December 8 — The Constitution Day Is the first […]

Bazaar in Uzbekistan

This bazaar is located in the very heart of so called Old Town of the capital, next to Chorsu square. Eski Juva has been operating at almost one and the same place for over two thousand years. Tashkent is known to be founded in the 2nd — 1st century B.C. in a fertile oasis to […]

Theatres of Uzbekistan

The history of one of the oldest and most famous theaters of the country — the State Big Academic Theatre of opera and ballet named after Alisher Navoy is connected with creation in 1926 of the first national-ethnographical ensemble under the leadership of Mukhiddin Kari-Yakubov. After such musical plays as «Arshin Mal Alan» by U.Gadjibekov, […]

Museums of Uzbekistan

The exposition of one of the biggest museums in Tashkent — State Museum of History of Uzbekistan — contains more than 250.000 exhibits, including the most valuable numismatic, archeological and ethnographical relics, which tell about culture and traditions of peoples, populating territory of the country, about formation and development of the state system and evolution […]