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chashma_ayub_mausoleumChashma — Ayub (XII c).
Another attraction, located in the park Samanids — Chashma — Ayub (Job Source). The Mausoleum is a complex rectangular structure with the suite of four rooms, each built at different times. The most ancient room is crowned by a double dome with a conical skufey. Its construction is credited to Arslan Shah, where was built minaret Kalyan. Three other rooms topped with domes, each of them does not repeat the others.

Inside the mausoleum in the oldest building still beats a source of cold water.

According to legend, this source is associated with the name of the biblical Saint Job.

It is said that once upon a time when Bukhara was not yet found, in these places came the biblical character — St. Job. The summer was very dry, and inhabitans earned with thirst. They believed in the St Job and turned to him for help. Job struck his crook on the ground and on-site fault source of cold water scored. Hence the name — Chashma Ayub — Source of Job. This proves once again that in ancient times, before Islam, the Bible and chrisitanity were spreaded on the territory of Bukhara.