Dorus-Saodat («Place of Power», XIV century). — Asia Travel


That is a memorial Ensemble, which includes three parts: the Vault of Jahangir, a mosque and a tomb of Hazrat Imam Temur. The favorite son of the ruler died in 1376 year and cast his father in an utter despair, so much that «the heart of the emperor was closed for compassion during 30 years.» The body of a young prince was taken to the land of their ancestors, where a mausoleum was built for him. Later, a family tomb, which gave the rest for another son Timur – Omar, was built around the mausoleum. The room was lined with limestone slabs, decorated with arched niches ligature with sayings from the Koran about the triumph of eternity and the transience of earthly life.
Not far from the Mausoleum of Jahangir and the mosque another tomb, built specially for Temur himself, is situated. These days, only an empty tomb is left from the whole construction, because, as you know the great emperor was buried in Samarkand.