Dorus-Tilyavat («Blue Mosque», XIV century) — Asia Travel

shahrisabz-dorut-tilavatThat is a memorial Ensemble, of which there are only three buildings left at the former burial place of the local nobility. These are the mausoleums of Shamsiddin Kulol and Gumbazi Seyidon, as well as a mosque named Kok Gumbaz. The oldest building here is considered to be a mausoleum of Shamsiddin Kulol. Sheikh, who died in 1370 year, was the spiritual mentor of Amir Temur, and was buried with full honors and respect.
Some time later near the mausoleum of Ulugbek’s descendants was built. It was called as “Gumbazi Seyidon” — the Dome of Seyids. The building of the mausoleum is not great, but with very proper, elegant proportions. The door of construction, covered with a deep carving is used to be of a particularly interest.
Congregational mosque of Kok Gumbaz, which was built on a foundation of pre-Mongol construction, logically completes the memorial ensemble.