Dzhanpyk-kala (IX-XIV century) — Asia Travel

djanpik-kalaHillfort of Dzhanpyk-Kala is considered to be one of the finest monuments of the right bank of the Amu Darya River. Sometime during the Middle Ages, it was a port city, which had extensive trade ties with various countries of East and West. The town is located in 6kilometers southeast of Kara-Tau village, in the spurs of Sultanuizdag ridge.
The date of the last habitation of Dzhanpyk-Kala, is dated back to 1345-1346 years. Based on the detected coin, ancient pottery found by archaeologists (IV to I century BC), one can assume that people came to these places at the same time.
Until these days, only pahsovy walls of the citadel, which was located in the eastern part of the settlement and presumably had a complex configuration, survived. Fragments of its walls are decorated with serried half-columns, topped with stepped arches. During the archaeological excavations in the fortress, numerous artifacts brought from various countries: China, India, Egypt, Russia and Europe were discovered.