Dzharkurgan minaret — Asia Travel

djarkurganskiy-minaretIn the village of Minor which belongs to Dzharkurgan district, 60 kilometers from Termez city, a magnificent building — a minaret is located, which was owned by a large mosque (now destroyed). The architect Ali, the son of Muhammad from Serakhs built this Minaret in 503 year (1110 year.), as the inscription on one of the edges evidences. The minaret and mosque were built by the order of Emir Sultan Sanjar.

The foundation of the structure was laid of bricks and had a diameter of 5.4 meters. A towering cap is under the foundations of minaret, slotted by a number of lancet archways. Every facet of the cap was crowned by a square niche with Kufic inscriptions. The body of the minaret of height 21.6 meters was corrugated, consisting of 16 connected by half-columns and topped by a beautiful belt of epigraphic ornament.

Previously, the minaret was undoubtedly higher, had the second link and ended with a traditional dome lamp. However, during the dashing years the tip of the minaret and the ruins of the mosque were demolished for the bricks by the local residents.

But even today, despite the loss of its former height and the deviation from the vertical axis to 2 meters, this minaret creates the impression of a remarkable beauty and proportions, the finished architectural construction.