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lyabi_hauzEnsemble Labi-Hauz (XVII c).
Ensemble Labi-Hauz is one of the largest architectural ensembles of historical Bukhara. The oldest part of the complex is madrasah Kulbaba-Kukeldash, which has 160 cells and is the largest madrasah in Bukhara. The interiors are a conglomeration of moves, steps and cubbyhole close buildings. The domed ceiling, leading from the gate into the yard is the best in the madrasah as well as the decoration and design solution of two main rooms — a mosque and classroom “darshona”. Such carelessness in construction is explained that dignitaries contended between each other and built the charitable institutions with much saving money.

In 1620, a captain of Nodira Devanbegi ordered to build a large House and Hanako. House Devanbegi is the largest in Bukhara (36 x 45, 5 m). Its banks are cocked and bricked by ledge large block – stones. Carries and meshkaby came down for water to drink on these ledges. The old trees are growing around the pool and still attract by its shadow.

Today Labi-Hauz is restored and re-filled with water, cleared and restored an ancient canal “Shahrud”. The Labi-Hauz is a favorite place of locals.