Hanaka of Kirk-Kiz (from VI to XI century) — Asia Travel

kyrk-kyz-hanaka«Kirk-Kiz» – literally means — «forty girls». According to Turkic mythology, the Allah, upon their request, turned them into stone, saving from the «infidels.»

«In fact, things are not so harmless. In ancient times, to protect the city from the nomads, women had to fight together with the soldiers – men. They were united in teams of forty persons, who were usually led by the most experienced and proficient weapon warrior. Troops could connect and then presented a real threat to an enemy army. In a case a girl was married, her place was taken by the next one. These units were in the army of Amir Temur. Female perfectly possessed weapons, performed guard duty and were extremely skilled scouts.

«The construction of khanaka was situated on the western side of Termez, and consisted of a rectangular structure of mud brick located at the corners of powerful towers.

«The inner space of the building was clearly laid out. The central hall was used for prayers of dervishes. The galleries of input space divided this building into 4 parts. Two of them, going out to the northern side, had five rooms. There were two other rooms and a refectory on the other side. The height of the buildings reaches seven meters. Above, the whole construction was offset by arches and domes. The interior was decorated very modestly.