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kostanay-300x225Kostanay (Kazakh: Костанай / Qostanay), formerly known as Kustanay (Russian: Кустанай, until 1997) and Nikolayevsk (Russian: Николаевск, until 1895), is a city located in the northern part of Kazakhstan at the Tobol River. The population living in Kostanay is 223,600 people. Kostanay is the capital of Kostanay Province.

Public institutions

In Kostanay there are 8 higher educational institutions. There are also 22 colleges in which over 12,200 pupils are taught. In 2002-2003 there were 723 schools open, with a total number of 155,500 students. The state network of culture totals 380 libraries, 201 club establishments, 8 museums and 2 theatres. There are numerous athletic facilities: two sports arenas, 26 stadiums, 10 sports complexes and 567 sports halls.

There are 15 functional institutions in Kostanay region, 5 of them are state and 10 are non state. One of the leading institutions of the region i Kostanay State University named after A. Buitursynov. There are also 23 colleges and 715 secondary schools in Kostanay region.


Kostanay is rich in objects with a historical-cultural heritage. The regional center includes the Sunni Muslim mosque, the Building of Regional Administration, Kostanay State University, Altynsarin Regional memorial museum, the Kazakh Drama Theatre, the Central Square, and the railway station. Historical monuments include: I. Altynsarin monument, the Bust to Two Heroes of Soviet Union (I. F. Pavlov and L. I. Beda), the A. Baitursynov monument, the Memorial complex of memory of victims of the Second World War, A. Imanov bust, L.I. Taranu Bust and the B. Majlinu Monument. For details, see the city’s interactive map.

Communications and transportation

The main transit roads connect the regional center with the following cities in Russia: Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Troitsk, Yekaterinburg, Kurgan and Tyumen. They also connect to Astana, Almaty, in Kazakhstan, and adjoining areas. The length of the railways is 1048 km. Fifty-three stations process cargo and passenger transportation. Oil is delivered from Russia and from oil refineries in Kazakhstan by rail.

Runways of the airport of Kostanay can accept the following types of airplanes: Tu-134, Tu-154, An-22, Il-86 and some Boeing airliners. From Kostanay International Airport, there are regular and charter flights to many cities in Kazakhstan, many former Soviet republics, Germany (Frankfurt and Hanover), the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and others. These are ports of entry and customs checkpoints.

The local telecommunications monopoly in the Kostanay region is the a branch of «Kazaktelekom». The big development was when Kostanay oblast gained Internet access, cellular communication and Internet telephony.