Koykrylgan — Kala (IV century BC — IV century AD) — Asia Travel

koj-krylgan-kalaThat is a religious building with a round two-story building of 44.5 meters in diameter in the center, surrounded by a defensive wall with nine towers.
Building’s project and the location of the windows, allowed scientists establish reliably that the construction of the facility was specifically designed to use this object for astrology and observing the stars. In addition, indirect evidence found suggested that the star named Fomalhaut, which is one of the brightest and most particularly revered stars, was that symbol, which the temple was dedicated to.
Probably, the construction of the church is somehow connected with the cult of water in ancient Khorezm, as the name of the star — Fomalhaut in Arabic means: «the end of the water in the mouth of the Southern Fish.»
The wreckages of statutory ossuaries found here are also no less of interest. Nowadays, some of them are preserved in the State Museum of the peoples of Uzbekistan.