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To travel in Kyrgyzstan you should have a travel visa. Travel visa is to be issued by Kyrgyzstan embassy after receiving of invitation letter made by request of travel agency on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan (MFA).

Below listed are the countries whose citizens do not need entry visas to enter KR:

Azerbaijan Republic, Albania, Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Hertzegovina, Georgia, Republic of Kazakhstan, People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, Republic of Cuba, Macedonia, Malaysia (tourist- and business trips up to a month long), Republic of Moldova, Mongolia (trips up to three months long), Poland, Russian Federation, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Socialistic republic of Vietnam, Republic of Tajikistan, Turkish Republic (up to one month-long trips), Ukraine, Croatia, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia and Japan.

Citizens of the below-listed countries may apply to the KR’s representative offices abroad or consular organisations within the KR for a month-long visa. For doing that, they do not need any invitation letter, and just need to personally apply for a visa — either in writing or by attending the above office.

Australia, Austrian Republic, The Kingdom of Belgium, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Federative Republic of Germany, Greek Republic, The Kingdom of Denmark, The State of Israel, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Island, The Kingdom of Spain, Italian Republic, Canada, Republic of Cyprus, Republic of Korea, The Princedom of Lichtenstein, The Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, Republic of Malta, The Princedom of Monaco, The Kingdom of Netherlands, The Kingdom of Norway, New Zealand, Portugal Republic, United States of America, Republic of Finland, Republic of France, Swiss Confederation and The Kingdom of Sweden.

Citizens of the above mentioned countries do not need register with the KR’s Immigration Police.

Regardless of visa category, primary Kyrgyz entry visas are issued by Kyrgyz diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad or, in the absence of Kyrgyz missions at this or that country, — by the Kazakh Republic diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad (under bilateral intergovernmental agreement). In this case a letter of invitation and visa support from travel agency is needed.

To obtain invitation letter for travel visa (visa support letter) according to the MFA Kyrgyzstan requirements we need the following client’s details:

*Full name & surname
*Date & place of birth (Please indicate country and city of birth)
*Passport number, date of issue and date of expire
*Address of permanent residence (full address)
*Place of work and occupation (this should include name of organization and city of its location)
*Place of receiving the visa (country where is the embassy of Kyrgyzstan and where is convenient for you to get the visa)
*Period of your staying in Kyrgyzstan (dates within which visa have to be valid)

Tourist visas are issued for a period of up to one month and, subject to valid reason, may be extended for up to one month more. To apply for a tourist visa one should submit one’s personal application , passport (or any other identification document that can be regarded as a substitute for passport) and fill in a visa form.