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Madrasah Nadir — Devan-Begi (1622-1623)
Madrasah was built by vizier of Nodir-devanbegi right after the Device Pool and logically completed the ensemble Labi — House. Madrasah is famous with a different proportions as well as the unusual decor of the facade. In parts of tambourines arches depicted deer and two birds Semurg looking at the sun. Some of the paucity of architecture is explained due to the fact that the building was conceived as a profitable caravanserai, but when it was the opening of madrasah, Imam Quli Khan announced the building of madrasahs by mistake and the Vizier had no choice as to confirm the words of Khan and the construction take up once again. Afterward, the loggia, portal and corner towers were added to main facade, and the top floor “ hujras” was built too.