Mausoleum of Mazlumhan Sulu (XIII-XIV century) — Asia Travel

muzlum-suluThis semi-subterranean mausoleum is very unusual in composition and design, is located in the northern part of the necropolis of Mizdahkan.
According to legend, it was originally a palace of the Khan’s daughter Muzlum Sulu (Beautiful Martyr). When the city was captured by «infidels», their leader, blinded by the beauty of a girl, fell in love with her. Unfortunately, she answered to him in return, that is why an angry father killed Muzlum Sulu and ordered to bury her in his own house, converted into a mausoleum.

The building was constructed in a specially dug pit. So, the dome and an entrance arch are visible above ground. Mausoleum includes major and small halls, several rooms, long corridors and lobby. The hall is blocked by an octagonal domed and the windows covered with ganj lattices are located in the bars of the dome. Two tombstones are situated in the niches of the central hall.
It was assumed, that this building was the site for performing the ancient cult.