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samanid-mausoleumMausoleum of Samanids is the oldest monument of Islamic architecture as well as the only one surviving monument of the reign of this dynasty. The Mausoleum of Samanids is located close to the Registan in the park Samanid on the site of an ancient cemetery and looks like a square building built of fire bricks with a side of the square of 10 metrs. All parties are open to review by the four corners of the column set, on which arcade from the ten arches is based. At the corners of the roof are small domes and in the center is the main dome with a small lantern.The architectural solution of the mausoleum pronounced progressive trends that determined the further development of Central Asian style. In accordance with information passed down the mausoleum was built for Ahmad Ibn al-Assad, the father of Ismail Samani — the founder of the state, and later became the family mausoleum. The building is perfectly preserved until present time.