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mizdahkan-6The town of Mizdahkan is located near the town of Khodjeyli, not a far distance from Nukus. It is situated in an area of 200 hectares and consists of a fortified castle named Gjaur — Kala (Fortress «infidels»), which was founded on the spot settlement, which can be dated to the IV century BC; the necropolis with mausoleums of Shamun nabi, Mazlumhan Sulu, Halfa Erejep and also Caravanserai.
There are two strongholds on the territory of the fortress: an ancient one (IX-XI century) and the late one (XI-XII century). At the beginning of the XIII century, people left the fortress. The last burial necropolis is dated to the XIV century.
Near to the ancient burial grounds until today one is capable to see the ruins of the Golden Horde City of Antakiya of XIII-XIV century, stretching in an area of 80 hectares.
Archeological excavations revealed a set of coins, household utensils, the pieces of art made from gold, and ossuary burials in the place of the necropolis.