Mosque Maggoki — Attori «mosque in a hole» — Asia Travel

This is the name of an ancient mosque was for the fact that its foundations had gone underground on six meters. The mosque was built in XII century and is located in the heart of the old part of Bukhara. It was built in place of the temple worshipers Moss and a long history of cultural accretions deeply buried ruins of a temple along with the foundation of the mosque. Historians claim that around the mosque was bazaar, where sold spices, herbs and idols worshipers.

The mosque was destroyed and rebuilt repeatedly. Till present time reached the sample recovered in 1546, it is16th stepped hall under two domes. Portals building are a real masterpiece of architectural decoration. There were used techniques of masonry bricks «ribbons» and paired bricks, decorated with a mosaic of terracotta tiles, glazed brick & inserts.