Mountain Badakhshan — Asia Travel

mb-300x223The Mountain Badakhshan is a marvelous mountain country. There are only two similar places over the world: Tibet and Bolivia high mountains. You can reach the Mountain Badakhshan on one of the most high-mountain highway in the world – Pamir Highway with extension of 728 km via the highest pass in the CIS – Ak-Baital (4641 m), crossing the deepest gorges, high-mountain deserts, where only yaks are able to find poor fodder for themselves. But even there, in inclement conditions, the people calling themselves proudly “Pamirians” are able to live in those places.

Amazingly beautiful landscape of high-mountain valleys, surrounding by peaks with eternal snow, splendid high-mountain lakes and impetuous rivers, unusual architecture of mountain settlements, centuries-old traditions and customs, saved by local inhabitants – all these things are deserved reward for traveler succeeded in reaching to these places. The most high-mountain botanical garden in the world is located in administrative centre of the Mountain Badakhshan – Khorog — at a height of 2300 meters.

In a famous Vakhan valley the tourists can see the ruins of ancient towers Kaakhka and Yamchun (I-II cc.), and also they can go into amazing culture and ancient traditions of Pamir highlanders.