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nukus61Nukus (In Karakalpak: Nokis) – Uzbek city, the capital of autonomic republic of Karakalpakstan.
On 2nd November 1930 it was decided by the parliament to move the capital from Tortkul to Nukus due to water flows in Turtkul. In 1939 Nukus become the capital city of the republic of Karakalpakstan.

Nukus located in the central part of Karakalpakstan republic. It is located on right shore of Amudarya river. City located 76 meters above sea level. South and east parts of city are surrounded by Kizilkum desert. North part goes to Amudarya river’s delta. Climate is continental. Through city goes Kizketgen pipeline and Karakalpak highway, constructed railways. Nukus airport has the status of republican meaning. The area of Nukus is more then 200 square km, population is more the 199 000 people.

First inhabitants come to the territory of modern Nukus during 4-3 centuries BC. The history of Shurca tells us that on the territory of Nukus people lived more the 2000 years ago. Archeological excavations shows that town Shurca existed from 4th century BC to 4th century AD and was base station of Khorezm state.

Nukus is the main name of whole Karakalpak origin. In historical literature this name used comparable rare. By the words of informers word “Nokis” comes from Persian root “Nukus”, which means “9 people” So, it is interesting how come this meaning of 9 people become the of the tribe? Let’s remember the legend of these people. Once the king of Khorezm got angry at 9 court ladies, he prohibited them get into contact with man and to marry them. The king tell to send them to the place where no one lived. That is how they come to the place which is now Khojayi town, at that time, it was not inhabited. So they start living near to the road which was used by trade caravans. There were few tradesmen who incognito married on them and lived for a while. Soon the ladies become mothers and they give birth to 9 sons who become strong powerful men. Defending themselves, sons left to the battle and came with victory. And they were called Nukes, which means “9 people”. At the end, they become the forefathers of Karakalpak clan under name of “Nokis”

In Nukus there are state museum under name of Savitskiy, local history museum, museum of Berdah, “Tashkent” hotel, boulevard and monument of people’s friendship, monument of Berdah, of Ulugbek, of Adjiniyaz and others. In suburbs of the city there are Shilpik – Zoroastrian temple and necropolis of ancient Mizdahkana.