Tajik visa — Asia Travel

To travel in Tajikistan you should have travel visa. Travel visa is to be issued by Tajikistan embassy after receiving of invitation letter made with request of travel agency on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan.

To obtain invitation letter for travel visa (visa support letter) according to the demands of MFA of Tajikistan we need the following client’s details:

-Full name
-Date & place of birth (Please indicate country and city of birth)
-Passport number, date of issue and date of expire
-Home stay (full address)
-Place of work and occupation (this issue should include name of organization, city of its location)
-Place of receiving the visa (country where is the embassy of Tajikistan and where is convenient for you to get the visa)
-Periods of your staying in Tajikistan (dates for which visa have to be issued)

The procedure is as follows. After received these details we send the request to the MFA of Tajikistan. The request is under the consideration in the MFA for about 15 days. Then the reference number (the number of confirmation) is given and the copy of the invitation is sent to Tajik Embassy of the country where it is convenient for you to get visa. And also I will send you the copy of such invitation (for the period that you indicate in your request) by fax that you should give us. With the copy of the invitation you paid at the Embassy and get there visa. (Asia Travel is not responsible for incorrect putting dates of visa in Tajik embassies. We only guarantee correct dates in invitation letter).