The architectural ensemble of Hakim — am — Termezi (XII-XV centuries.) — Asia Travel

hikim-at-termeziyThat is a monument, created by hand of an unknown artist, stonemason in the IX century. This is the tomb of Sheikh Abu Abdallah Mohammed Ali, Bini-Bini-Hussein al-Hakimi Termez, who was famous throughout the whole Muslim world, scientist and writer. People called him «the Termez-ota» — «Father of Termez” and revered as the saint patron of the city.

The extant data about Sheikh is very scarce. He came from a poor family and at the age of ten, collecting firewood in the wilderness for the tandoor, received the revelation of Allah, who came to him in the form of a gray-haired old man. Over the years, thanks to the wisdom, he has gained ever-increasing fame, although he still lived in a poor hut of his parents. He was the author of numerous scientific papers; he also translated the works of famous historians and geographers from the Arabic. In advanced years scientist was beheaded by the invading enemies in the city.

The ensemble consists of a mausoleum, which contains the tomb of the scientist, made of blocks of white marble and a closely adjoins memorial mosque, attached later. A three-domed gallery revealing aivan, facing its three open sides to the-yard, paved with bricks. The ancient writings and the remnants of tile tiles of sky-blue color are still preserved on the walls.

A rumor existing among the locals tells, that Genghis Khan having seen the monument, such an austere and majestic, ordered troops not to touch the holy things, because it was created «not by human beings but gods …»