The Mausoleum of Kaffol Shoshi — Asia Travel

The mausoleum was built in honor of imam Abubakr ibn Ali ibn Ismail Al Kaffol al Shoshiy. The first burial vault was not kept safe. Actual mausoleum was built in 1542 by Gulyam Husain, who was Khan’s architect at that time. It is an asymmetric domed portal mausoleum — khanaka. Khanakas were erected to give pilgrims from distant lands a shelter in living cells — hujras. Mausoleums’ complexes also often included mosque and an eating-room called oshkhana with a kitchen. There is a late burial place (sagana) on small yard south of the main building. The mausoleum is built of baked bricks. Proportions: 13.3 x 12.5 m., room: 6 x 6 m., the cupola: 16.4 m. high. Near this mausoleum is located the house where Khodja Akhrori-vali lived, who was follower of Kaffol al Shoshiy.