The memorial complex of Sultan Saodat (XIII-XVIII centuries.) — Asia Travel

Termez-Sultan-SaodatComplex of Sultan Saodat Mausoleums (translated as the «King of Happiness”) is supposed to be a family tomb of Seyids dynasty. Having the domes of the amazing beauty and light, as if soaring mosques behind high walls, this ensemble, built over centuries, is an amazing museum of medieval architecture. Mausoleums are gradually built on each other and eventually form a beautiful elongated courtyard. From the west side, it is closed by the most ancient mausoleum, from the east side – by darvozahona, across the street from it, a preserved khanaka is situated.

The ash of the founder of the Termez dynasty of Seyids, Hassan Al Amir, is kept in the northern building. The walls of the mausoleum divided by three arched niches and covered with rich ornament of glazed tiles and the masonry brace of the pair bricks as well as the huge dome crowning it all, attaches a volume and the majestic austerity image to the building.

The artistic majolica tiles of d?cor with a glaze and unusual multicolored painting is considered to be of a particular interest,