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According to legislation of Republic of Uzbekistan all non-residents of Uzbekistan should obtain Uzbek visa due to make their trip to republic. For some of them Invitation Letter arrangement should be the first step of the preparation for the visit.

Please, kindly see list of countries, which citizens don’t need to arrange Invitation Letter as they can get Uzbek visa directly (in base of their personal appeals to consulates):

It will be needed for you to apply for Invitation Letter (=VSL, LOI) In case there is no your country in the list above. To arrange Invitation Letter we will need the following details from you:
-Given Names
-Other Names
-Previous Surname (if changed)
-Previous First Name (if changed)
-Previous Other Names (if changed)
-Date of birth (DAY / MONTH / YEAR)
-Country of Birth
-Place of Birth (city / province)
-Previous Citizenship (if changed)
-Passport Type
-Passport Number
-Date of Issue
-Expiration Date
-Passport Issued By
-Marital Status
-Spouse’s Surname, First and Other Names (if applicable)
-Place of Visa Issuance (embassy or consulate of each country (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan etc… in)
-Place of work or study, position, address, phone number
-Permanent address of residence, phone number
-Purpose of visit (in details)
-Number of entries
-Previous visits to each republic (when, organization (companies)or person visited)
-Scanned Copy of Passport (JPG.Format)
-A reference from place of work (JPG.Format)

After getting this information from you we will prepare documents and apply for VSL to the MFA of Uzbekistan. Usually Invitation letter is arranged during 7-10 business days.

In case you are not ordering any trip via our company — note, that it is obligatory to order hotel accommodation for whole period of staying in Uzbekistan. These rules are equal for all companies: as tourist company is responsible for invited tourists during whole period of their staying.

The price of Invitation Letter arrangement is 15 USD per person. You should plus the price of hotel accommodation to this sum. Minimal price of hotel accommodation is 25-30 USD per night (breakfast included). This price also includes registration arrangement. Kindly see our web-page to choose hotel of needed level: and please, inform us about your descision.

Also note that citizens of the following countries don’t need to obtain UZBEK VISA as bilateral visa-free regime was accepted between Uzbekistan and mentioned countries:
-Kyrgyzstan (for the visits within period of 60 days)

Diplomatic passports holders of the following countries also don’t need to get Uzbek visa in case duration of their visit is not more than 90 days:
Please, also be informed that Uzbekistan and Japan in bilateral base issue visas without consular fee charge.

The following tariffs of the consular fees for the Uzbek visas are set by the legislation of Republic of Uzbekistan:
а) for the single-entry visas:
— within 7 days — 40 US $;
— within 15 days — 50 US$;
— within 30 – 60 US$;
— within 3 month — 80 US $;
— within 6 month — 120 US$;
— within 1 year — 160 US $

Note: with each additional multiplicity of the visa the tariff increases in 10 US$.

b) for multiple visas:
— within 6 month — 150 US $;
— within 1year — 250 US $.

c) transit visas:
— Within 24 hrs — 20 US $;
— within 48 hrs — 25 US $;
— within 72 hrs – 30 US $;
— for the double-entry transit visa — 40 US $.

d) for the group visa (with not less than 10 persons in group, excluding children younger than 16 year):
— within 15 days — 15 US $/person;
— within 30 days — 25 US $/person.

For the visa arrangement it is also possible to pay fees on account of compensation of the actual expenses. The tariff of those fees depends on the place of visa arrangement (regardless of citizenship of the applicant).

Note: there could be another order of Uzbek visa arrangement for the citizens of some countries , having corresponding bilateral agreements.