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zindanZindan (XVIII c)
«Zindan» is translated from Persian language anв means «prison», «dungeon». Zindan was the place pit to hold prisoners. It was constructed in the northwestern corner of Shakhristan in the XVIII c. and included several chambers, lock and an underground dungeon. Dungeon is a stone bag diameter of 5 meters and a depth of 6.5 m, laid out from fired bricks, entrance to the «bag» was just on the top and prisoners up & down by a rope. Prison only could accommodate 40 people. It means that the crime rate in Bukhara was extremely low at that time. Mainly, debtors and violators of religious prescriptions of Bukhara were contained in Zindan. The building reminds a small fortress prison with brick exterior walls, stairs leading to the entrance, made in the form of an arch.

There is the tomb of «saint» of prisoners — «Kuchkar-Ata» (VIII c) on the territory of the ancient prison.