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kalyan-minaret-1Kalyan Minaret — the tallest building of old Bukhara (46,5 m), built during the reign of Karakhanid Arslan Khan. The word «minaret» comes from the Arabic «minor» and means a place where something is lit.

According to legend, the master — builder Bako laid the foundation of the minaret with alabaster and camel milk and disappeared since he was afraid emir anger for delaying his works. He returned after 2 years only, when the foundation was completely set and afterward continued construction.

The minaret is a massive round pillar, built from fired bricks. The entire height of the minaret are 12 zones, each zone has its own unique pattern. The name of Arslan Khan — the donor of the construction is clearly read at one of the zones. The structure crowns with light-rotunda surrounded by 16th opening arched doorways. A brick spiral staircase spins inside the column and leading to the upper platform to the lamp.

Originally the minaret was used for calling Muslims to Friday prayers in the mosque, but at the time of the Emir of Bukhara it was used as a place of public execution.