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Necropolis Chor-Bakr (XVI-XVIII cc).

A cult called «Chor-Bakr» — «Four Brothers»is located in the suburbs of Bukhara nearby of Mazar Sumitan. Known as “City of the Dead” among locals. Necropolis sprang up around the tomb of Saint Abu Bakr Saeda and now has huge popularity in the Muslim world.

Appearance of mazar belongs to the era of Samanids. Saint Saed Abu Bakr was the ancestor of Sheikh Khoja Islam Jubairi, known as «Khodja Kalyan». During the reign of Sheibanids, Sumitan was passed into the possession of Sheiks Jubairi and it turned into a family tomb.

Bukhara’s ruler Abdullakhan built a mosque, madrasah and hanaka (house for pilgrims) on this place in 1560 — 1563 years. It was a gift of a powerful dynasty. The ensemble is situated in the heart of the necropolis at the intersection of alleys. Structures form a kind of courtyard on the open side on which a small minaret is built; it almost copies the famous Kalyan. All three buildings are very beautiful. The facades are decorated with a mosque and khanaka portals with large arched vaults, the side walls of the buildings facing the courtyard are decorated with two tiers of loggias, they go on the facade of madrasah, which closes the set. The main rooms of all buildings are covered by majestic domes, which are based on slender drums with slotted windows.

To the north of Mazar a large garden — Chorbog is split. Along the perimeter of the garden a poplars, plane trees, fruit trees, as well as juniper and willow are planted. Inside a vineyard with the flower gardens & roses is planted. From the central gate to the garden for about 5 km ditches and planted trees passed in order if Abdullakhan, was always under the trees in the shade and nothing distracted him from thinking about the transience of life and eternity universe during his stay in this holy place.