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Trade domes (XVI c).
The complicated dome buildings (Trade domes) are built in XVI c. at the crossroads of main urban roads. A total number of Trade domes are three: Toki Zargaron, toki Telpakfurushon and Toki Sarrofon.

Toki Zargaron — a dome of jewelers. This dome-mall is a set of roadway includes a gallery for the shops and workshops. Long time ago this place was the center of the ancient Shakhristan. Passage is the main dome, which lay on eight arches, carrying a low cut-drum with sixteen windows and interspersed with flat niches. The dome was used for the manufacture and sale of various jewelries.

One of the notable market buildings of the era Sheibanids — Tim Abdullakhan is located to the south of the dome Zargaron. Tim is a closed commercial building, which is the main dome surrounded by a gallery and covered by a series of small domes. It is highlighted by small little windows and lamps in domes galleries. There is always dark and cool. It was used for sale of carpets and fabrics.

Toki Telpakfurushon is a dome for hat sellers. Arcade was built on the junction of five streets. It is a small spherical dome, resting on six pylons, between which roads are located. Hall passes gallery with niches, pantry and warehouse goods. Gold embroidery and beaded skull-caps, fur hats and turbans were sold there.

Toki Sarrofon is located to the south of Shakhristan on the ancient irrigation canal Shahrud. This dome represents a small area market overlap, which is equal with a vast dome space. It was used for the exchange of currencies of various countries and money-lending transactions. In addition the sellers traded gold embroidered skullcaps, turbans, earrings, pendants, housewares, expensive horse harnesses there.